The Internet is full of weird — and sometimes dangerous — beauty tips and tricks. Some of them can cause a bad rash while others can lead to problems with vision. Bright Side has collected popular beauty tips from the Internet that can have serious negative health consequences. Careprost for eyelash growth © sportwiki   © depositphotos The patients whoRead More →

We all love improvising when we do our everyday tasks, trying to make the most boring things interesting. The people from this compilation are absolutely adorable and they deserve a special prize. We at Bright Side have collected 23 examples showing that it’s possible to find the right approach to life and get the “Lifehacker of the Year” award. When you haveRead More →

We eat different kinds of foods every day and often buy them in advance. As time passes we often see faded parsley or moldy bread. Or, we buy a container of sour cream to add to a salad, and one day later we find out that it’s spoiled. Bright Side recommends memorizing these simple secrets. They’ll help you keep your food fresh longer, whichRead More →

Thousands of tries and experiments are hidden behind really useful lifehacks. Reddit and Twitter users try to find good ways to make their household duties a bit easier and then share them on the Internet. You may also test these pieces of advice and tell us which tricks are useful and which ones need improvement. Bright Side wants to show you some interestingRead More →

Quick-wittedness is a real treasure that helps to solve everyday issues with the help of unusual ideas. But sometimes they can be a tad absurd. It’s regarding these inventions that people usually say, ’If it looks silly, but works, then it’s not silly.’ Bright Side collected a fresh compilation of lifehacks from people who can think creatively in any situation. At theRead More →

Everything that surrounds us can be modified and used for our own convenience. Internet users keep inventing different useful tricks and sharing them throughout the web. We have made a new compilation for you that we are eagerly looking forward to sharing with you. Bright Side wants to show you 22 simple lifehacks that should definitely be adopted right away.Read More →

Lifehacking has become an industry on its own and has many critics, saying that it’s nothing but a waste of time that doesn’t solve any issues and instead keeps people occupied for hours. But since 2004 when the term was invented, more and more people have been diving into lifehacking in an effort to minimize the time theyRead More →

It’s been calculated that we use our smartphones for more than 4 hours a day on average. But being creatures of habit, we very often use the same functions and don’t even explore the most interesting, useful, and unexpected opportunities on our phones. Meanwhile, the developers of smartphones and different apps have implemented the most amazing ideas many times drawingRead More →

The beauty of spring invites you to go out and enjoy that beauty. Hence, it is important to design a cozy patio for you to relax in and enjoy the view of spring’s beauty. Take note of these design ideas to create your dream patio. 1 – Bright Spring Terrace/PatioRead More →

If you are in to something new and unique, a hanging fireplace is a good idea. It will definitely make your living room area convenient. Just with proper arrangement, you will end up with a beautiful set up in your living room. Fortunately, we have compiled beautiful ideas for youRead More →