24 People Whose Creative Skills Finally Paid Off

24 People Whose Creative Skills Finally Paid Off

Quick-wittedness is a real treasure that helps to solve everyday issues with the help of unusual ideas. But sometimes they can be a tad absurd. It’s regarding these inventions that people usually say, ’If it looks silly, but works, then it’s not silly.’

Bright Side collected a fresh compilation of lifehacks from people who can think creatively in any situation. At the end of the article, there’s a bonus that will teach you how to persuade a cat to take a medicine that it hates.

Why didn’t we think of this before?

When your ingenuity knows no bounds:

“Just discovered that LEGO hands are the perfect size for making sure your phone charger doesn’t fall off your desk.”

The best way to show the size of the TV set you’re trying to sell in your Craigslist ad:

Mud flaps from witty Australian drivers

A lifehack for the insane: how to transform an old doll into a wine glass

How to keep a paint can clean and make an easy to use pour spout:

When you don’t trust anyone, not even the car alarm:

How to sneak pizza into a commencement ceremony:

Whatever this is, clogs don’t have a single chance left.

An ingenious spoon-fork, for the most desperate

“This is how my wife hints that it’s time for me to start a diet.”


When you have no money but plenty of insanity and bravery:

When you need the whole collection:

Are you still drying your sneakers under radiators?

A warm laptop will help dough rise.

Stylish and trendy

There is nothing that fathers can’t do.

When you are both a bartender and an engineer:

When you dream of a new bike but only have an old bike and a lawnmower on hand:

Who says you can’t do this?

Ski goggles are the best helpers when chopping onions.

A frugal way to make your car cool

“My drunk innovation”

Bonus: A comic strip from 1962 showing how to finally make a cat take their medicine.

Are you the one who has an “out of the box” way of thinking? Please share your most useful and absurd lifehacks in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me


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